Commemorating Karl Lagerfeld


Rachael Konyak, Melanie Bilbao

On February 19 2019, at age 85, Karl Lagerfeld died due to health complications.

Karl inspired many lives and impacted the fashion industry. Well known models like, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Ming Xi, Kaia Gerber, and so many more, paid their respects and showed how much he really did for the people he worked with through their social platforms.

For those who don’t know, Karl Lagerfeld was one of the most praised fashion designers. At just 14, Karl made the brave decision to move to Paris from Germany, where he is originally from, and begin his designing career. Working in a coat factory for Yves Saint Laurent was the start of his career. Lagerfeld was also able to gain experience by working as the art director for Jean Patou.

Up until his death, Lagerfeld was best known for working closely with Chanel Couture, Fendi, as well as his own company Karl Lagerfeld. Karl Lagerfeld helped now world-famous models enter the fashion industry. He has been introducing revolutionary clothing lines to the world for 65 years.

In 1983 he was named art director of the House of Chanel which was a turning point in his career. Karl Lagerfeld worked between France, Italy, England and Germany as a freelance designer. He was even the first fashion designer to introduce a perfume without having his own label. One of his last projects was designing a 260 room hotel in Macau, China in 2018.