Alita: Battle Angel


Liam Duffy, Staff Writer

There has been the infamous history of Hollywood making bad movies based on Japan’s famous manga stories like Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball had a movie made about it and the plot of the film was nothing like the story. It is a known fact that America filmmakers simply make bad movies about mangas due to the confusing history of the stories and the different cultures of the American and Japanese people.

However, the dark age of manga movies could be coming to an end. One or two years ago, Ghost in a Shell, had a movie adaptation made in America and while some people did not like it, there were others who enjoyed it. Netflix even made a movie about the manga called Death Note. The creators of the mangas actually liked the films, much to everyone’s surprise.

I watched both the movies myself, and while there are a few mistakes that I discovered, the movies were fine. The problems with mangas is that they are just like American comics. They take too long to finish and the story is sometimes changed by the authors’ editors. That is the reason why some mangas have unsatisfying outcomes or a confusing plot. The lesson here is blame the power, not the author.

I think Battle Angel is going to be a good movie. It won’t be perfect, but I think it will be a right step in the direction of making mangas into films faithfully based on their creator’s vision. The reviews for Alita is diverse, with some praising it and and others having different flaming opinions.

The author of Battle Angel came out to say that he likes the movie, and you know a movie is good if the author likes it, no matter if it is a little different from its original work. Sometimes, a movie can be better than the original. The Battle Angel manga is too long and, honestly, I got confused of what is currently going on right now in it.

That is why I will go see the movie and you should too. Maybe it will be good and you can later investigate the manga for more of the action the movie had.