Aladdin Live-Action Movie!


Abigail Kedl, Staff Writer

There is a new live-action Aladdin movie coming to theaters March 24!

It is produced by Walt Disney Pictures and based off of the original Aladdin movie that we all know and love. The trailer to the movie just recently came out and many people have conflicting thoughts on it.

After seeing the live action Beauty and the Beast, many are excited to see this new version of Aladdin. The trailer is considered to be “promising” and a teaser.  As, someone who loved Aladdin as a child, I am very excited to see the movie because it was a part of my childhood.

Although there are many positive thoughts after watching the trailer, many people are disappointed with the casting. Aladdin will be played by Mena Massoud, Jasmine will be played by Naomi Scott, Genie will be played by Will Smith, and Jafar will be played by Marwan Kenzari.  I interviewed a student here at HHS to get their thoughts on the movie.


Clarion: How do you feel about the upcoming Aladdin movie?

HHS Student: I’m excited, but also a little skeptical about how good it’s going to be.


Clarion: What are your opinions on the casting of the movie?

HHS Student: I think that the role of Aladdin and Genie could have been better casted. I personally think that Avan Jogia should have played Aladdin and Shaquille O’neal should have played the Genie.


The new live action Aladdin movie is very exciting but as every movie does, it has its skeptics. We will all just have to wait until March 24 to see it ourselves!