High School Musical 4!


Abigail Kedl, Staff Writer

Great news for all High School Musical fans! The producers of the High School Musical movies have decided to make a fourth movie. The movie will take place at the same high school the previous movies were, but with a plot twist. The characters that were previously students, are now teachers!

The same actors will be starring in the movie, playing the same characters. Troy will be the new basketball coach, Chad will be the assistant basketball coach, Gabriela will be the math teacher, Taylor will be the science teacher, Sharpay will be the drama teacher, Ryan will be the English teacher, and Kelsey will be the music teacher. Gabriela and Troy will be married as well as Taylor and Chad.

Many are excited for this new movie as High School Musical was a part of many people’s childhood. It will be coming to theaters the summer of 2020. Go Wildcats!