Celebrities Who Tumble!


Pro Golfer Carly Booth Does Backflip

Vinny Morano, Staff Writer

When it comes to celebrities, a lot of times, we only get to know information about them that the media thinks is important. But in some cases, celebrities share with us another type of talent they have, other than the talent they are famous for. For instance, a lot of celebrities have shared that they can tumble. No matter their profession, they are all very vocal about how tumbling has helped them in their current profession. If they are singers or actors, they are able to incorporate this into their performances or roles to add a bit of flair. If they are athletes involved in a sport that doesn’t involve tumbling, they still learned things from tumbling that helps them be better in the sport that they currently do. Regardless, the following people are pretty awesome!


Brittany Spears: Iconic singer, Brittany Spears has shown that she knows her way around a back handspring. Spears has been able to incorporate this many times in her career. She can be seen in her Baby One More Time music video throwing a beautiful tumbling pass, as well as on stage for concerts or shows, where she used to include an array of back flips into her dance choreography. Although Spears does not incorporate these skills anymore, she still actively works out at gymnastic gyms whenever she has the chance.

Hillary Duff: Actor and singer, Hillary Duff showed the world that she has some serious skill on a 2004 episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien. When asked about her other talents, Duff claimed she was a gymnast and a tumbler and that she could still do a round-off backhand spring. She then asked if the crowd and Conan wanted to see it. Duff then proceeded to execute a gorgeous and technique-filled round-off back handspring. The crowd went bananas! Hillary Duff has proven that she hasn’t lost her touch yet, as she recently posted some videos of her executing the same tumbling pass that she did 15 years ago!

Carly Booth: Professional golfer, Carly Booth makes sure that every time she wins a tournament, her victory celebration consists of numerous back handsprings. Booth was a gymnast as a kid and notes that she still enjoys watching, following, and occasionally performing gymnastics even as an adult.

Channing Tatum: Many people think that in the movie, Step Up, when Tatum’s character, Tyler Gage, performs back flips throughout the film, that it is a stunt double. However, the flipper is actually Tatum himself. A reckless and fearless personality, Tatum taught himself how to throw his body into various rotations at a very young age.


While it is sometimes thought that activities or athletics you did as a child won’t matter or aid you later in life, clearly, this is not true. All people mentioned in this article have noted on more than one occasion that they are extremely grateful for their acrobatic skills and that these skills have given them an advantage in many things they have done.