National Days in June


Mahin Rahman, Staff Writer

Here is the list of National Days in June.


June 1: National Olive Day


June 3: National Egg Day


June 4: National Day of Civic Hacking

              National Cheese Day

              National Hug Your Cat Day


June 6: National Eyewear Day

              National Yo-Yo Day


June 7: Global Running Day

              National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

              National Donut Day


June 8: National Best Friends’ Day

               National Rosé Day


June 9: National Donald Duck Day


June 10: National Iced Tea Day


June 11: National Corn on the Cob Day


June 12: National Loving Day


June 13: National Sewing Act Day


June 14: Army Birthday


June 16: Father’s Day

               National Fudge Day


June 17: National Eat Your Vegetables Day

                National Take Your Cat To Work Day


June 18: National Go Fishing Day


June 19: National Garfield the Cat Day


June 20: National American Eagle Day

                Ugliest Dog Day

                World Refugee Day


June 21: National Selfie Day

                National Smoothie Day

                National Take Your Dog To Work Day

                Summer Solstice

                World Day of Music


June 22: National Kissing Day

                National Onion Ring Day


June 23: National Hydration Day


June 25: Global Beatles Day


June 26: National Chocolate Pudding Day


June 27: National Sunglasses Day


June 28: National Insurance Awareness Day

                National Tapioca Day


June 29: Hug Holiday

                National Camera Day