Avengers: Endgame Review


Andrew Gomez, Staff Writer


 The cinematic event of the year, Avengers: Endgame has finally hit theaters on April 26, 2019. The emotional reactions from fans are flooding the internet. Even though it’s not the end of all Marvel movies, this is the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)’s “Infinity Saga”, as many are calling it. And Marvel surely did not disappoint us with the ending of this saga built up over their 21 films from 2008 to 2019. Again, there will be MAJOR spoilers in this review, so click away if you haven’t seen Endgame yet.

The action in Avengers: Endgame is some of the best executed action in any superhero movie thus far. As unexpected twists continue making every scene more epic, the action keeps the viewer glued to their seat for its entire 3 hour runtime. None of it feels rushed; in fact, the viewer just can’t get enough of any of it from the moment it starts. And the best part is that it’s all worth it.

 Avengers: Endgame managed to pull off wacky story elements through many facets. This is because it effectively feeds off of the trajectory of 21 movies, which have gradually felt more like comic books as they went on. Endgame might function the most like a comic book out of all these 21 films because it has large, wide shots of its plethora of characters and explores comic-booky elements while still being fully enjoyable. This is not easy to do, but the screenwriters, directors, producers, and everyone else really worked their tails off. They didn’t just pull these things off; they showcased them so excellently that Endgame resulted in an unforgettable, gratifying experience.

One of the most breathtaking aspects of this film is its celebration of the characters that have been developing on film for these past eleven years. Introducing too many new heroes would have overshadowed the spotlight on Marvel’s fan-favorite core characters in Endgame. This movie, instead of doing that, had almost every character from the last 21 movies feature in it to create the most epic end to this “Infinity Saga”.  Avengers: Endgame does not fall short of jaw-dropping, heartbreaking, humorous, and serious moments with the heroes we have come to know and love.

Some original Avengers, such as Hawkeye and the Hulk are finally seeming to get more interesting stories. The opening scene of Hawkeye’s vibrant family life suddenly being snapped away struck fans to the core. His dark, violent turn allowed for an ultimately redemptive arc, though. With the death of the beloved Black Widow, Hawkeye’s best friend, he knew he had to make her noble sacrifice count. He decided to use his abilities for good again. In his last scene, he talks with Scarlet Witch. It seems like he will continue being the renewed good man that he is in his friendship with her.

The conclusion of Captain America’s superhero role was one that some fans expected to be brutal. However, it seems like the writers of the film chose to do something more respectful. Seeing him older, having been married to the love of his life was something that possibly no one saw coming, but it was a good ending to the character. Steve Rogers is no longer Cap, but he passed the shield to Falcon so that the mantle of Captain America may live on. There is no doubt that fans are excited for a new Cap.

 Tony Stark’s emotional farewell was something we were inevitably going to get, due to Robert Downey, Jr’s contract ending, but it still struck audiences to the core. Tony’s end calls all the way back to the first Avengers movie, when Cap says, “You’re not the guy to make the sacrifice play.” From that point on, Stark has learned how to be a better team player (despite his still lingering ego), and in Endgame’s final battle, he steals all the Infinity Stones from the gauntlet. Stark resolves to save the universe through the ultimate “sacrifice play”, and he snaps his own fingers. This surge of immense energy overwhelms Stark’s mortal body and takes his life. Iron Man’s cinematic arc is officially complete, but the legacy of the beloved character lives on through Spider-Man, Rhodey, Pepper Potts, and possibly even Morgan Stark (Tony’s daughter).

Avengers: Endgame is a triumph among fans, critics, and even at the box office. Despite its 3 hour runtime, it’s jam-packed with powerful moments, it evolves and ends character arcs, and utilizes some of the most risky fantasy elements to push the story forth with an unceasing stream of momentum. Endgame mixes its colorful cinematography with unexpected twists and breathtaking moments to provide a satisfying memorable experience. It has been built over 11 years of incredible film-making, completes its first saga, and is now the catalyst for many more years of sagas to come into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.