South Park “Band in China”


Raymond Ponticelli, Staff Writer

Season 23 of South Park is out and is still surprisingly good.

It is unexpected that a show would still be able to hold up 22 years after the first episode aired. The show is known for its ability to make references to recent events. An example would be Season 16, Episode 14, which parodied the Presidential debate in 2012 which included lines from the debate the same day the episode was aired. The recent news about the protests in Hong Kong has been a very popular subject in the media. So of course the creators of South Park had to make an episode based on it.

The episode “Band In China” was the second episode of the 23rd season of South Park. It includes all types of Disney characters “going to China to expand their business.” It also includes the head of Disney (Mickey Mouse) freaking out on all the characters after one of them disagrees with the Chinese government.

This episode parodies the major companies censoring their fan base who support Hong Kong. These include the NBA, Disney, and Blizzard. They do this because they don’t want to get banned in China and lose their market there. Companies like Blizzard are stopping people from deleting their accounts because of the amount of people boycotting. This is showing that big corporations really only care about the amount of money they make.

This episode was important and needed to be made because if it wasn’t, no one else besides the common citizens would comment about the serious problems going on with the Chinese government at the moment. Not surprisingly after this episode was aired the show was in fact banned in China. A really interesting thing in the news was that the episode “Band in China” is now being played on the streets of Hong Kong during the protests.

It’s good to see people who are able to have a powerful impact not sell out and instead voice their honest opinion.