The Streaming Wars


Nihal Chowdhury, Staff Writer

The streaming wars has heated up once again.

On November 12, 2019 Walt Disney joined the race with their own streaming service, Disney+. Disney+ is only $6.99 per month without taxes and $12.99 for Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+ bundle, without taxes. The price drops to $7.99 if you already own a Hulu subscription.

They join a highly competitive field in the streaming wars with companies like Netflix and Apple already having their own streaming services. Along with that, companies like HBO and NBC will be releasing their own streaming services. 

With so many streaming services, many people are conflicted on what to pay for as many shows are moving from one streaming service to another. Shows like Seinfeld are going to be moving to Netflix from Hulu in 2021, while The Office will be leaving Netflix to join NBC’s streaming service Peacock. Disney+ has exclusive movies and TV shows. So does Netflix and Hulu. HBO Max has a deal with DC Comics and The CW to have all of their shows on their streaming service.

We (the consumers) have to decide what deals are the best for us. Netflix is possibly the worst as it is $10.99 a month and only limiting you to one screen at a time. Disney+ and Hulu are the best for their price and exclusives. However, the choice is up to you to pick what streaming services you believe are the best for you.