Alban Kokonozi and Ryan Barhorst

One of the best and most liked shoes out on the market right now are Yeezy’s.

Yeezy’s are made by Kanye West, the best artist on this planet. He has Yeezy boost 350, 350 v2, 500, 700, 700 v2, 750, and slides. There are so many different varieties and colors to pick from. Some of the shoes are affordable and some are expensive. The reason is due to low stock or the shoes being outdated.

The prices range from $300-$1,200. The most popular Yeezy shoe are the 350 v2’s they are comfortable and affordable. They came out in 2016 and still are being dropped. They can be purchased on the Adidas website in a wait room. If are one of the lucky ones to get them, they are $220 retail.

If I could recommend any pair of Yeezys it would be Beluga’s because of the tiger pattern on the shoe and the bright orange stripe on the side, the price is around $800 and they are worth the price. Bred and Core Red are both also good picks. They are black with red lettering and red stripe, and they range from around $900, but would be a good pick in my opinion.

The final shoe I’d recommend are Sesames, they are Gray with no stripe or design and they are very affordable, they cost around $300 and are an instant buy for anybody. Sometimes people will wear the shoe because their favorite celebrity does.

Some notable celebrities that wear them that might make you buy them are Kylie Jenner, Brooklyn Beckham, David Beckham, Kanye’s daughter North West, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Joe Jonas, Pharrell Williams, and finally Kanye himself.