25 Facts About Me: Just Like in Us Weekly

Vinny Morano, Editor

When it comes to The Clarion and Us Weekly, in a way, we really aren’t that different. We are both a news platform that works hard to deliver interesting and well-written stories to the public. But when it comes to content genre, Us Weekly focuses more on pop culture news, while The Clarion focuses on news mostly relating to Hawthorne High School. However, I thought it would be fun to switch it up a little bit, by taking a page out of Us magazine (quite literally) and complete a column they are very well known for. 25 Facts About Me is a column Us does where they feature a different celebrity every week and the celebrity lists 25 facts the public may not know about them. This week in The Clarion, the featured celebrity is yours truly, Vinny Morano.

  1. Every kind of seafood, no matter what it is, makes me sick.
  2. My two biggest fears are being home alone and the dark.
  3. I would not use a Porta-Potty if you paid me 1 million dollars. They gross me out so much.
  4. Up until I was 5, I thought that if you broke the glass of your TV screen, you could step into your TV and be in whatever show you were watching.
  5. My biggest pet peeves are loud chewers and waiting for too long.
  6. I could eat a peanut butter and jelly for every meal for the rest of my life and be satisfied.
  7. My family calls me Vincey as a nickname because my tumbling teacher called me it when I was 4 and they thought it was cute so it stuck.
  8. I am a sole believer that Chic-Fil-A is the superior fast food chain of the world.
  9. My favorite stores to shop at are Against All Odds, H&M, and Zumiez.
  10. My dream school is Rutgers University and I would love to do cheer there.
  11. Other than cheer, I love lacrosse and played it as a kid, due to the fact that it’s a huge sport in my family. I would still play it now if cheer wasn’t all year-round.
  12. I can only sleep in cold rooms. If there’s not a subtle breeze that can be felt in the room, it’s not cold enough.
  13. My favorite animal is a Narwhal and I want one as a pet more than anything.
  14. Hairless cats make me nauseous. I love animals so much, but hairless cats are disgusting to me.
  15. There was a teacher in my elementary school who looked like Victoria from Twilight, so I spent almost all of 2nd grade thinking she was an evil vampire and made sure to stay at least 50 feet away from her at all times.
  16. When it comes to crafts, I am Picasso, but when it comes to actual drawing, I’m awful.
  17. After college, I would love to do something in the sports entertainment business, specifically WWE.
  18. If a food doesn’t smell good, I won’t eat it under any circumstances.
  19. I get most of my personality traits from my grandfather, who I was insanely close with.
  20. I would rather live in a nice, small, cozy house than live in a big fancy mansion.
  21. New York City makes me so happy and any opportunity to go there I take.
  22. I’ve never been out of the country before.
  23. I’ve gotten eye surgery twice in my life, due to me having two lazy eyes. The first one was when I was 2 and the second one was when I was 11.
  24. The numbers 7 and 11 reoccur in my life statistics a lot.
  25. I really enjoyed completing this column!