25 Facts About Me: Just Like in Us Weekly- Coach Edition


Vinny Morano, Editor

When it comes to The Clarion and Us Weekly, in a way, we really aren’t that different. We are both a news platform that works hard to deliver interesting and well-written stories to the public. But when it comes to content genre, Us Weekly focuses more on pop culture news, while The Clarion focuses on news mostly relating to Hawthorne High School. However, I thought it would be fun to switch it up a little bit, by taking a page out of Us magazine (quite literally) and completing a column they are very well known for. 25 Facts About Me is a column Us does where they feature a different celebrity every week and the celebrity lists 25 facts the public may not know about them. This week in The Clarion, the featured celebrity is my cheerleading coach, Drew Dehart.

1. I hate sushi and have no intention of trying it.

2. My two biggest fears are clowns and other people’s blood.

3. I would not eat another person’s chewed food, even for 1 million dollars.

4. When I was 5, my mom told me the boogie man would come and get me if I didn’t behave.

5. My biggest pet peeve is losing.

6. I could eat pizza for every meal for the rest of my life and be satisfied.

7. My real name is Andrew but pretty much nobody calls me that.

8. I am a sole believer that Wendy’s is the superior fast food chain of the world.

9. My favorite stores to shop at are anywhere with food.

10. I attended my dream school, The University of Louisville and cheered there.

11. Other than cheer, I played baseball and excelled very much at it.

12. I prefer to sleep in a cold room more than any other temperature.

13. My favorite animal is an otter.

14. Crazy driving makes me more nauseous than anything.

15. I was scared to death of Ronald McDonald as a kid, and I honestly still am.

16. I’m very talented at all types of arts and crafts.

17. After college, I got to do my dream job of coaching and I couldn’t be happier.

18. I will not eat food if it doesn’t smell good.

19. I get most of my personality traits from my mom.

20. I would rather live in a fancy mansion than a small house.

21. Chicago, my home town, is my happy place and I take every opportunity I can to go there.

22. I have been out of the country 5 times. I’ve been to Mexico, Cuba, China, Thailand, and Canada.

23. I’ve had surgery 3 times. These surgeries were on my head, knee, and teeth.

24. My lucky numbers are 0 and 0, 7 and 34, and 1.

25. I very much enjoyed completing this quiz.