Best Convertible

You want a car for nice drives on a beautiful summer day on the beach. Well a convertible is a great car for just driving around and cruising around to pick up all those girls with your sick new convertible. Many people who buy convertibles are people who live in nice areas or are retired and just want a nice car, but we will be talking about the most affordable convertibles. 

After extensive research my team and I have come to find two convertibles that would be great options. Our first pick is a 2008 Mazda Miata, these cars are the definition of fun. They are great cars to just cruise around in and have fun in. This particular model has 80k miles on it and an automatic transmission so it’s easy to drive for people that don’t want to keep shifting gears with a manual. This model has a soft top convertible top so you do have to take care of the car. Many people don’t care about soft tops and the top gets all crusty. But this model is only $10,000 so it won’t cost you that much and it will last you forever.

Now onto our second pick. 

For our next vehicle, we have chosen the 2009 Ford Mustang V6. This car comes with 75k and it only goes for a cheap price of $8,000. This car is great for the summer with either some friends or a significant other. Don’t you just want to take a cruise for hours and just play some chill music with the top down only to have the cool summer breeze? Maybe you want to take a trip to the beach with some friends and have the top down to feel the warm summer sun on your skin.

A convertible is a great purchase for the summer which is just around the corner.