The 16th Annual Cheerleading Worlds CANCELLED

Vinny Morano, Editor

On April 24, Varsity Spirit, the Company in charge of putting on numerous prestigious cheerleading competitions, announced that the 2020 Cheerleading World Championships will be cancelled this year due to COVID19. This is the first time since the event was created in 2004 that it will be cancelled.

The Cheerleading Worlds, a competition equivalent to the Olympics for all-star cheerleaders, has been going on in Walt Disney World since 2004. The competition goes on for several days and being victorious at it is the most prestigious and important title an all-star cheerleader can get. This cancellation can’t help but make you feel for all the teams who worked their whole season for one competition and, just like that, it’s been taken away. But even worse than that, you can’t help but think of the 2020 seniors, whom this may have been their last time at Worlds before they head off to college.

This cancellation just further proves that we all need to stick together and work among ourselves to find a solution to this pandemic. The Clarion wishes you a safe and speedy quarantine.