The Struggle of Exercising and Alternate Methods to Exercise


John Mateus, Staff Writer

With the isolation of lock-down in effect, every gym and exercise place is closed. Many gym goers and people who exercise are worried of losing many weeks and possibly months of exercise because of social distancing. Even though having equipment to exercise is limited, there are still ways of being able to exercise at home. Making workouts specifically at home is a great way to keep track of exercising. Lifting heavy objects at home and jogging across the neighborhood are good examples of exercising without having to go to the gym. Although gyms and reputable places to exercise are gone, there are still ways to exercise during our lock-down.

Running and/or jogging is a reliable way to lose calories and increase stamina. Lock-down rules do allow people to run or jog in their neighborhood. If you do not have a treadmill, it is possible to pace yourself and jog around your neighborhood. Using heavier objects as a kettle-bell or dumbbell could help build muscle for bodybuilders if they could not afford price-gouged dumbbells. It isn’t dumbbells, but heavy objects like full water jugs would be heavy enough for people to build muscle with. 

Exercising during the national lock-down has become more of a task than ever before. Limited activities to perform and expensive equipment made getting daily exercise very difficult. There are not many alternatives to regular dumbbells and exercising machines, but there are still ways to get exercise during lock-down. The exercises aren’t perfect, but it is overall better than not being able to exercise at all.