Bareburger Restaurant Review


Ella Perini, Staff Writer

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Bareburger in Ridgewood, and it was exactly that: a pleasure. We were seated inside and were taken care of promptly. The service was very attentive and agreeable, and super friendly. The setup of the restaurant was very well adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic, while still maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere. Something that was very unique to this restaurant was a garage door style entrance, which allowed for great ventilation when eating inside. The interactive menus were set up on iPads, and provided for each guest. They were sanitized before and after use, and their interactivity made learning about each menu item very easy. The content of the menu itself provided a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches, vegan options, and more. There seemed to be something for everyone, and each option looked more delicious than the next.

When it finally came time to order, I had settled on an option called “The Wrangler.” It was a bison burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, spicy barbecue “wham bam” sauce, and crispy onion strings. I also customized my order to be on a multigrain sprout bun rather than the original brioche, and added a side of sweet potato fries. I was certainly not disappointed. The burger was cooked perfectly as I had ordered it, and it was packed with flavor. The sauce was slightly more spicy than I anticipated, but it still gave the burger a great smoky, tangy flavor. As delicious as my burger was, the best part of my meal was the sweet potato fries. I know this is a huge statement, but they were arguably the best sweet potato fries I have ever eaten. They were beautifully crispy on the outside, while soft on the inside, a feat that is not easily achieved when it comes to sweet potatoes. They were also perfectly salted, and were the perfect size to share.

Overall, I was beyond satisfied with my overall experience at Bareburger, and I am absolutely certain that I will return, as well as recommend it to others. If I were to give it a traditional rating, I would say five stars, because I cannot really think of anything that was wrong with my experience. Bareburger is a delicious restaurant nearby, and I absolutely recommend checking it out!