iPhone 12 Cop or Drop?


Christopher Julca, Staff Writer

Smartphones are everywhere now and there are so many to choose from. One of the biggest smartphone companies is Apple and its iPhone. The iPhone has had a major impact in the smartphone world, sometimes negative and sometimes positive. Their latest phone became available for pre-order on October 16, 2020, and was released a week later on October 23, 2020. One difference with the new release is that it doesn’t come with a charging adapter. The phone, like last year’s iPhone 11 release, now comes with a USB C charging cable. Apple decided not to include a Type C charging brick for the iPhone 12. The removal could cause some inconvenience for people looking to experience the improved charging of the Type C adapter, or for those who don’t have an iPhone charger from previous releases. If you’re looking for an extra pair of earpods this year, you’re also not getting that with the new iPhone 12. What it does have though is the new A14 chip which Apple claims to be, “The fastest smartphone chip ever”. The new phone also comes with a few outer shell changes. The sides of the iPhone 12 are no longer thin and rounded, but now blocky and compact. The iPhone 12 will come in four different models, the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the new iPhone 12 Mini. The mini will be great for those looking for an extra portable fun sized phone. The iPhone 12 also is advertised as having a better camera than its predecessor. The phone now comes with a “Night Mode” camera mode in each of the iPhone models. To sum up this year’s release, there is nothing all that special about this year’s iPhone. If you have an iPhone 11 and are thinking about upgrading, we recommend you keep the phone you have now and wait for a greater upgraded iPhone. If you have an iPhone X or below, or even an older android phone looking to make a switch, you could take a look to see if this phone is right for you.