Fun Fiction: A Hawthorne Legend- The Goffle Brook Phantom


Goffle Brook Park

Vinny Morano, Editor

The Goffle Brook Phantom was said to have the features of a shark, a goblin, and a man.

It was believed his anatomy resembled mostly a human man, but he also had razor sharp teeth, a bladed shark fin on his upper back, and extremely green, slimy skin. Nobody knows how he got into Goffle Brook, or why he was so bloodthirsty and vicious, but the Goffle Brook Phantom apparently preyed on anyone and anything that got close enough to the water of the brook.

Some Hawthorne residents believed in his existence, and some didn’t. Sean Van Winkle was one of those non-believers… at least that was the case, until a cold January evening in 1975. 

It was around 6:15 P.M, and Sean and his friend, Anthony were playing a game of frisbee in Goffle Brook Park. The two had to get home soon, as it was almost dinner time in their households. They both agreed on one last throw before they would head home. Sean went to throw the best pass he could muster, when the frisbee sailed over Anthony’s head and into the icy water of  the Goffle Brook.

Anthony, while laughing at Sean’s mis-calculated throw, went to retrieve the frisbee from the edge of the water. He yelled, “Don’t worry, I’ll grab it and then we’ll head home.” Waiting for Anthony, Sean noticed his shoe was untied, so he bent down to tie it. Suddenly, he heard a deathly screech and splash of water, and snapped his head up as fast as he could.

Anthony was no longer on the edge of the brook. Sean, petrified and shaking, slowly walked over to the edge where Anthony had just been. He called Anthony’s name repeatedly, as loud as he could, hoping and praying his friend was playing some kind of joke on him.

Sean continued to yell for his friend, until slowly, something emerged from the water. It was the AC/DC hat Anthony has just been wearing, ripped up and covered in green slime.


**Happy Halloween All! Just some fiction to enjoy the holiday!!