Why Ava Max is an Upcoming Artist we Need


Johanna F., Staff Writer

Unless you have been living under a rock, most people who listen to the radio or were in the 8th grade during 2019 probably know Ava Max somehow. You have probably heard her songs “Sweet But Psycho” or “So am I” at one point or another. Though her popularity has come mainly from those two songs, with powerhouse vocals and a heart of gold, she has so much more to offer, and it is safe to assume she is one of the best new/ rising artists of this year. Here is why.

Ava Max connects with people who are different.
There are so many times in Max’s career, where she was different in style and way she does things. Though she would be considered a main-stream pop artist, Max has taken her own path fashion-wise. Max has a unique sense of fashion and style. She is not afraid to try bold outfits and mismatched tops and bottoms. She often encourages people to be themselves and that they only have one life, so be as bold and as fashionable as they want to be. She also has the hair cut called the “Max cut,” in which one side of her hair is short and the other long. How cool is that?

She encourages empowerment and positivity.
Max’s songs heavily discuss body positivity and empowerment to girls. Her songs “My Way,” “Kings and Queens,” “So am I,” and “Salt” all show that it’s okay to be different and confident/ independent in yourself. She sticks up for herself and always tries to encourage that and put your best foot forward no matter what because we girls stick together.

Her music is the type of music that makes you want to get up and dance.
Ava Max is 100% pop, as I have mentioned before. Her music has never had a dull tone to it. Not only are her lyrics powerful, but her vocals are too. The beats to the song never disappoint and are always catchy. People who have never listened to her songs before, whether they know her or not, want to get up and dance.

Ava Max’s career is only starting, but there is so much more the come from her!