Travis Scott Joining the Playstation Family


Ryan Barhorst, Staff Writer

Travis Scott is one of the hottest musical artists of today and he achieved another insane accomplishment.

He is now a part of the Playstation family as a strategic creative partner. This was confirmed by him and Playstation on their Instagram posts. He also posted a picture of him playing the new Playstation console, the PS5; which is coming out in November. This could completely go extremely good for Playstation by pulling in Travis Scott fans to buy their products. It could also change up the way their products look or perform for the time being.

This is a huge accomplishment for him due to the fact of how big Sony is. For those who don’t know who Sony is they are the developers of the Playstation consoles and other electronics such as TVs. He is the only musical artist to ever be involved in things like this and this could completely change up the game in how big companies develop electronic products.

Could we see more of this or is this just another one time thing?