2020/2021 Winter Fashion Trends


Maya Cabrera, Staff

Winter fashion trends are changing every year but this winter by far has some of the cutest and warmest fashion trends. According to vogue.com these trends were introduced last spring and are now worn throughout the streets. 

Bringing It Back 

One of fashion’s most emulated decades, the 70’s, winter will continue to mirror the era’s  oranges and olive-tone hues. They’re also bringing back corduroy pants, paisley print, logo or plaid skirts. Not only are these colors gorgeous but they are easy to mix and match with making some pieces timeless. 

Puffer Piece 

By far the most trendy winter fashion statement right now are puffer jackets and vests. They come in so many colors including metallic and ones with printed designs. Perfect for winter because they are fashionable yet also warm. Companies like Prada and Dior are making fashion forward pieces as seen on runways. They look great when layered with other fall and winter pieces. Consider sporting your favorite puffer jacket with turtlenecks, hoodies, fleece jackets, flannel shirts, and women’s sweaters for cozy winter styles.


Leather is a material that is timeless but this winter it’s appearance is very prominent. From shoes, bags, jewelry, skirts but most trendy this winter is jackets. Leather is a great investment and a winter statement. It’s definitely a piece you will have in your closet for long.  Leather jackets are being best paired with sweaters underneath or even a belt around your waist turning it into a statement dress. 


We all know velvet, the soft rich looking material that adds texture to your clothes or outfit. Designers like Valentino and Chanel brought one of winter’s most beloved fabrics this season with long-sleeve, ankle grazing dresses and off the shoulder shirts. Velvet isn’t a material that looks good with anything. It’s best to pair it with classic wardrobe staples such as tights, white t-shirts and denim pants.