The Grammys Snub The Weeknd??


Tom Tricoli, Staff Writer

Every year the Grammy nominations seem to be more and more puzzling. This year we saw Black Pumas’ self titled album released in April of 2019 shockingly be nominated for 2021’s album of the year and Justin Bieber’s “Yummy”, a song that was both critically and commercially panned, received multiple nominations. But worst of all, The Weeknd’s After Hours did not receive a single nomination in any categories. After Hours was considered a favorite to win this year by many as it was one of the top selling albums of the year and received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. After Hours brought with it one of the biggest songs in recent memory, “Blinding Lights” which set the record for most consecutive weeks in the Billboard Top 5; along with other hit singles such as “Heartless” and “In Your Eyes.” Which makes his lack of nominations all the more confusing. The Weeknd himself alleges that he was working with the Grammy’s to plan out a performance before plans fell through. Some believe that the plans went awry after The Weeknd was booked for the Super Bowl halftime show in February, just a week after the Grammys award ceremony. Interim president of the Grammys, Harvey Mason Jr., maintains that the nominations were already selected prior to the performance falling through but, many question how the Grammys considered The Weeknd a good enough of an artist to perform but not good enough to be nominated. The Weeknd went on to say “The Grammys remain corrupt…” The Grammys ceremony will take place on January 31, 2021  hosted by Trevor Noah with performers yet to be announced but it’ll seemingly not include mega superstar The Weeknd for whatever reason the Grammys will use as a way to excuse their mind boggling decision.