Wonder Woman 1984 Release Controversies

Ryan Barhorst, Staff Writer

Warner Bros has announced that the movie “Wonder Woman 1984” is being released in theatres December 25, 2020.

However it is also going to be released the exact same day on HBO Max. This is great for people who don’t want to go into a theatre due to Covid-19. This decision, however, is hurting multiple big movie theatres. It being released on HBO Max means you don’t even need to leave your home to watch the movie on the release date. 

Stocks show us that Cinemark stocks fell 21%, AMC had dropped 17%, and IMAX dropped 7.3%. This decision is the right thing to do because of all of the Covid-19 scares and numbers going up, but it is hurting big cinemas everywhere due to Wonder Woman being such a big named superhero.

Will this be the future of how companies will release movies? Or will it just be a short period of time where this is happening? Only time will tell us how people are going to deal with situations like this.