Inca Kola Soft Drink


Christopher Julca, Staff Writer

Gaseosa! Gaseosa (S0da) is everywhere, you can find it in the store and maybe on the floor. Gaseosa is everywhere and there is enough to share. The beverage we are talking about today is Inca Kola. Inca Kola, the Golden Kola. We learn from, that Inca Kola was created in Lima, Peru in 1935. One of the first things you will notice from this delicious gaseosa is that it is not your average dark/brownish looking cola, but the opposite. You will never miss a bottle of Inca Kola lying around, it’s bright yellow color is too bright to not be seen. I have been drinking this beverage since I was really young and cannot really give an exact description on how it tastes. However, according to, “The unique quality of Inca Kola is that everyone that tastes it gets a different flavor from it. The fruity flavor and distinct yellow color are the main attributes responsible for its continued growth.” Inca Kola became known in Peru as a symbol of pride and highly flavored. I have eye witnesses of  the drink, and Inca Kola is everywhere and is the most consumed soft drink in the country of Peru. We also learn from that, “Inca Kola was so well accepted in this Andean nation that it was adopted by the Peruvian consumers as a symbol of national pride. As Inca Kola increased in popularity it soon became the beverage of choice to the majority of soft drink consumers in Peru.” Though I really enjoy the drink, it is your choice if you want to try this delicious, highly favored South American Gaseosa. Have a good day.