Nick DeLuca, Staff Writer

Last year, during the deepest part of quarantine, everyone was looking for something new to do. People were getting bored of doing the same exact things everyday and needed an escape from reality, which is why the Netflix original, ‘Outer Banks’, dropped at the perfect time.

What’s better than a show following a bunch of teenagers trying to solve a mystery about some missing gold while living by the beach? Nothing. Nothing is better than that. This show had everyone talking, debating whether they would want to be a Pogue (from the south side of the OBX) or a Kook (from the north side of the OBX). The internet was blowing up with memes and TikTok’s about the show as well.

Due to the popularity of the show, it was quickly renewed for a second season in July 2020. The two actors who play the two main characters had also sparked dating rumors, sending fans into a frenzy wondering what would happen with them in the next season.

In the last episode of season one, both characters are rescued by a passing boat on its way to Nassau, even though everyone back at home thinks they’re dead. This gives John B and Sarah a chance to finish the mystery they’ve been trying to solve, leaving viewers on a cliffhanger.