One Piece series review

Ricardo Jigashi, Staff Writer

For the past few months I have been binge watching this new Japanese anime (or animated cartoon) show called One Piece. This show is rated TV-14 but is very kid friendly and very entertaining. It is a mix of action and comedy and has an amazing plot which is never ending. This is the perfect show to binge watch due to the fact that there is over 1000 episodes! The best part yet is that it’s still getting episodes added.

The show takes place surrounding a specific character at first known as Luffy who is a character that is very powerful and determined to find the one piece and become the best pirate. He constantly progresses throughout the show getting stronger and stronger and finds members to join his pirate crew. He starts recruiting very slowly and starts off with a swordsman known as Roronoa Zoro who strives to be the best swordsman in the world and is very powerful as well. After this the show picks up pretty quickly and more members get added. The show is a constant challenge to find the ‘one piece’ which is the most powerful treasure of all with pirates and marines trying to challenge Luffy and his crew. I recommend this show because it’s a great distraction from everything going on around us and it will definitely keep you busy.