OK Human – The Latest Weezer Album

Tom Tricoli, Staff Writer

On January 29th, long running rock band Weezer, released their fourteenth studio album OK Human. The album consists of 12 songs, logging in at just over a half an hour runtime. The album was made almost in direct response to the covid-19 pandemic. Weezer was supposed to release the album Van Weezer in late spring of 2020 followed by the “Hella Mega” stadium tour with Green Day and Fall Out Boy. Obviously this tour has since been postponed and along with it, Van Weezer. OK Human was made during this time frame in which Weezer was supposed to be touring. The album opens with the previously released single, “All My Favorite Songs” Some other highlights on the album are “Aloo Gobi” (my personal favorite), “Screens”, “Grapes of Wrath”, and “Bird With A Broken Wing.” Ok Human has received decent reviews from critics and fans alike as both parties seem to be in agreement that this is one of Weezer’s better releases within the past two decades. It currently sits with a metacritic score of 70. Magazine Under the Radar summarized it best, “The record isn’t groundbreaking material, but it’s definitely nice to have a new Weezer album that isn’t trying to recreate their old material and instead looks to the future of their sound.” With the surprise release and praise for Ok Human it’ll be very interesting to see if the longly anticipated Van Weezer can hold a candle to the quality and polish that has come with this new Weezer era.