Taylor Swift and Evermore Park’s Intense Legal Battle Has Been Settled

Hailey Liberti, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift has been involved in an escalating legal battle these past few months, with a theme park in Utah named “Evermore Park”. The name of this theme-park also happens to be in the title of Swift’s most recent album, “evermore”, which was released in November. Shortly after the release of “evermore”, Evermore Park filed a lawsuit against Swift for trademark infringement for using the word “evermore” as the title. Taylor Swift’s legal team made the decision to file a lawsuit against Evermore Park after evidence surfaced of the theme-park using Taylor Swift’s songs “Love Story” and “You Belong with Me” in performances without the proper licenses. This decision was likely the result of the initial lawsuit filed against Swift as to fight against it.

Many question the motivation behind Evermore Park for filing this lawsuit, being that they were most likely well-aware of Swift’s success and money, giving her the ability to have a strong legal team behind her. It is suspected by some that Evermore Park was expecting for Swift to settle rather than go through with the case because of her immense wealth. Swift however fought back, leaving Evermore Park in a vulnerable position.

The media has recently been notified that Taylor Swift and Evermore Park have both decided to drop the lawsuits against each other. This was not a monetary settlement, so no money was involved in this decision. Evermore Park received a lot of public backlash after the lawsuit was filed, most likely motivating the theme-park to drop the lawsuit. Swift likely didn’t care too much about her lawsuit against the theme-park, being that she probably knew about the park’s violation against her for a while, but she chose to not take action until they came after her. The settlement was definitely the best decision, especially for Evermore Park. This legal battle has thankfully come to an end and neither Evermore Park nor Taylor Swift were hurt financially by the lawsuits, however the the theme-park is continuing to receive backlash and receive bad reviews as a result of this situation.