Anthony’s Corner: Drive-In Concerts


Anthony Puluse, Staff Writer

This is the story of how Drive-In concerts were formed during the pandemic for social distancing. The Drive-In concerts look just like a Drive-In movie theater except there is a stage next to a projector screen that shows shots of people on stage with the camera drones for a bird’s eye view. It is a good setup for social distancing, wearing masks, and parking cars more than six feet apart so that everyone could stay safe during concerts.

All the regular concerts during the pandemic were canceled in March 2020. Then four months later, in June 2020, the government gave concerts a brand new phase for continuing concerts during the pandemic. They say that the people who were quarantining finally got to go to a concert because it was outdoors and socially distant. Like Drive-In movie theaters, people have to park their cars and stick to the car they’ve used so they could be socially distant, and they have to pre-order food and beverage. They’ve also brought in lawn chairs from the trunk to sit and watch the live performances, and the live performances have big screens for the broadcasting crew just in case people can’t see the live concert from far away. Also, the most important thing about Drive-In concerts is that they have to wear face masks. Some concerts were located in the wide-open spaces close to the farm fields because it is much better than staying inside.

I went to that concert last year, and we saw the John Ginty band on stage. We stayed by our car just like in a Drive-In movie. We sat on the sun roof of the car for a little while at the concert. We’ve had such a wonderful time there. We wore our masks, stayed by our car and enjoyed the live music, and we even danced a little. I would like to go to another Drive-In concert this summer.