Redragon K30 Draconic vs Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2


Christopher Julca, Staff Writer

CLICK! CLACK! Keyboards can be found anywhere even if you don’t know where. You might see one at your school, your home, or your local library. Keyboards have evolved as time progressed, and with that, many new subfields for it’s use, such as Gaming. Gaming is one activity your common teenager has most likely done, or is currently participating in. We all started somewhere, no matter what game it is, every gamer had to first learn the basics. One of the fundamentals is how to use the controller. The controller is what lets us control what we want to do in game, and with PC gaming on the rise, many are looking as to which “controller” they should be getting.

As a PC gamer myself, a mechanical keyboard that you would probably want to get your hands on in this day in age. Out of all the mechanical keyboards there are in the world, there are two that I have really appreciated, and have met my needs throughout these past years.

The Redragon K30 is a Bluetooth/Wired 60% RGB Mechanical Keyboard. This keyboard made by Reddragon features ABS plastic double-shot keycaps. It is preinstalled with Outemu brown switches, and is only $65 on Amazon as of 6/82021. I’ve been using this keyboard for about 3 months now, and all I can sum up the experience as very enjoyable. The pros of this keyboard are that it can be used with Bluetooth 5.0, and it is hot swappable, meaning you can easily change switches manually without having to desolder/solder any onto the PCB. You can also pick this keyboard up at Microcenter for a lower price, but for what it is, it is definitely recommended if you’re looking for a budget friendly mechanical keyboard.


The 2nd and last keyboard we would like to inform you about is the the Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2. This keyboard is a 100% RGB Mechanical Keyboard from Razer. This keyboard features Razer green switches, a braided cable, and a removable wrist rest. Unlike the K30, the Blackwidow has a higher price tag . You can find the Blackwidow Chroma V2 for $140-170 online. The switches included on this are the companies own manufactured switches, and consist of a loud, smooth click, similar to the Cherry MX Blue Switches. The only downside we’ve found from this keyboard is that it is not hot swappable, but for it’s size, durability, and full RGB customization, this keyboard is a great choice if your eager to jump right into the PC gaming community!