Falling For 2021 Fashion


Taylor Peters, Staff Writer

Instagram has kept everyone caught up with the trends for this Fall season.

Some examples are elegant knit sweaters, a leather designer coat, tall boots, with a silk scarf. Fall embraces the color palette not many people use, which are solid and neutral colors. But this year there is vibrancy with designer products like Prada or just regular everyday products that can be made into something fashionable.

Plaid dresses, different designs in stockings, sweater vests, to argyle, platform boots, statement jackets and grandpa sweaters. All of these items are what’s popular this Fall in 2021, and they all make outfits different and “out there.”

A fashion designer that is very well known to many is Ralph Lauren. This designer mixes elegant, rugged, city and country designs. Antonio Grimaldi is a bridal designer and his shop has many different styles of dresses with beautiful embroidering.

Many people look up to the influencers that wear the clothing that is in, but it is really the designer that does all of the work. 

On Instagram, a favorite fashion influencer is Emma Chamberlain. Emma preaches that anyone can wear whatever they want without worrying about what people think.

She has her own style of fashion without a label added to it. You could walk around school or the streets and notice how everyone’s idea of style is different. Overall, these are all the different fashion trends for Fall 2021.