Apple Products


Ty Contreras, Staff Writer

Have you heard? Apple is talking about the new products and changes that will be released in September of this year.

This week information was released from one of Apple’s product designer about what kind of changes the iPhone 14 will have in the future. For example, the notch will either be a little hole (aka the front camera) or they will form the notch into a pill shape with the little hole on the side to indicate the front camera plus phone speaker; and instead of the back camera having its little box around the lenses like all the other previous iPhones, it will be a flat surface including the camera.

Other new products from Apple will include a new iPad air, two new iMacs and the new iPhone SE 3. Sadly, there isn’t any update of what each product change will be, except for the fact that the iPhone SE 3 will be more similar to the iPhone XR and at affordable price of $399…this is exciting news indeed!