Chanel Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

Ty Contreras, Staff Writer

The first CHANEL show of 2022 for the spring / summer collection displays so many fresh and colorful new styles to show off this year. The artistic director Virginie Viard (during the fitting of the models) expressed that she was inspired by the 1920s (just a little) with the feathers and fringe stating, “the feminine side of the Constructivists, the girl inside.”

Viard reached out to her closest friend and artist Xavier Veilhan explaining how much she always wanted to work with him since he created some fine jewelry for CHANEL 15 years ago.

If you have seen the show you will notice the different patterns and how different pieces of clothing that usually wouldn’t match together actually came out a bit better than expected. It’s all about the person and who can “rock the look”, so to speak.