A Stunning Diagnosis


Zak Maali, Editor

Aphasia is a communication disorder that makes it hard to use words: it can affect your speech, writing, and ability to understand language.

This disorder isn’t very common and there are around 200,000 cases per year. A well known actor, Bruce Willis was recently diagnosed with this awful condition. Since the condition prohibits you from being able to speak and obtain information, his decades old acting career sadly had to come to an end. This news was very sudden, and devastating to anybody that appreciates movies at all. 

Bruce Willis has acted in many famous movies including Die Hard, Glass, G.I.Joe, and Armageddon. Willis is considered one of the best action movie stars of all time, the man was practically born with vengeance and a gun.

There will never be another man like Bruce Willis, he truly was one of a kind. 

There have been multiple other celebrities that have been diagnosed with this devastating disease. This includes: Emilia Clarke, Glen Campbell, Sharon Stone, Dick Clark, Kirk Douglas, Julie Harris, and Terry Jones who are all well known celebrities.

There are many more people that have been diagnosed with aphasia than I initially thought, before what happened to Bruce Willis, I didn’t even know what aphasia was.