Review One: Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness


Gianna Gatto, Editor


The second installment of the Doctor Strange film series, Multiverse of Madness, was released in theaters on May 6 and received a lot of positive feedback from Marvel fans. Steven Strange, often known as Doctor Strange, was formerly a well-known surgeon who has now evolved into one of Marvel’s most influential and powerful characters. He is referred to as the “wizard” or “sorcerer” of the film series, which lends his film a unique feel because he is not your usual super hero.

To recap, Multiverse of Madness is about Doctor Stephen Strange making the mistake of  casting a forbidden spell. However, when a threat arises, his squad is unable to handle it. While attempting to resolve the issue, he discovers a new multiverse via a new figure named America Chaves. The problem worsens when Wanda Maximoff, one of the most powerful witches in the Marvel cinematic universe, decides to go mad and travel through any reality, killing anyone who tries to stop her from locating her children from another multiverse. Doctor Strange’s new mission is to safeguard America while maintaining the multiverse timeline.

Because the movie has received so much excellent feedback, I decided to ask two of my classmates what they thought of it.


HHS Clarion: How did you like the movie?

Jillian Wesseldyke:  I really liked the movie, and I thought it was really well done. The slight element of a horror movie really added something new to Marvel movies that we’ve never seen before. I also liked the inclusion of everyone in the Illuminati, as it was quite unexpected for me.


HHS Clarion: Was there anything that could have been done better or anything you thought would happen but didn’t?

Jillian Wesseldyke: I think for better or for worse they added a lot into a 2 hour movie, and at some points there might’ve been a little too much going on. I also was not a fan of every member of the Illuminati being killed by Wanda 5 minutes after they made their first appearance, especially when she killed Professor X. His killing seemed a tad unnecessary, especially the way it happened.


HHS Clarion: How did you like the movie?

Ashley Roughgarden: I liked the movie a lot! I liked how it really went in depth with Wanda’s character and how much she’s truly sacrificed. I also liked the expansion into the multiverse and the cameos of characters that were in it (including one of my favorite characters Professor X) and I think the ending set up the third Doctor Strange movie pretty well!


HHS Clarion: Was there anything that could have been done better or anything you thought would happen but didn’t?

Ashley Roughgarden:  I think the pacing of the movie was a little fast at some parts, but overall pretty okay and I think it would’ve been cool to see a Quicksilver cameo (either Aaron Tayor Johnson from the MCU or even Peters from X-Men) but that might just be me being biased because he’s one of my favorite characters.


Overall, I believe Marvel never fails to deliver quality films that hold the audience’s attention from beginning to end.