Bella Hadid at Paris Fashion Week!

Ellen Metzler, Staff Writer

Bella Hadid, 25, made headlines on October 4, during Paris’s fashion week. Bella Hadid had people on the edge of their seats as she walked out onto the runaway onto a platform. It was at the end of the show when she made her appearance. The daring stunt took place for approximately 9 minutes as a dress got sprayed onto Bella Hadid.

The brand that showcased this daring dress was a French brand named Coperni. Coperni is known for womens clothing and their headquarters are in the heart of France, Paris. Coperni was founded by Sébastien Meyer and Arnuad Vaillant, in 2013. Coperni is known for mixing art, technology, science, and craftsmanship with fashion.

The substance sprayed onto Hadid’s body was sprayed from large canisters almost like airbrush body paint. Only this substance is moveable and moves with Hadid when she showcased the final dress. The substance looked like thick spiderwebs when sprayed on and slowly became a maxi dress. The substance instantly dried when coming into contact with Hadid’s skin and gave the dress a flawless appearance.

Once the dress was finished by the designers, a woman came onto the platform and began cutting the hem of the dress for a more finished look. The then on the shoulder straps were gently maneuvered down off Hadid’s shoulders for an off the shoulder look. The woman then cut a slit in the dress for a more modernized finish and exited the platform. Hadid then stepped off the platform herself and awed the crowd as she walked around the platform showcasing the new dress.

People couldn’t believe their eyes as the dress was made right in front of their eyes. This dress went viral across social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter all raving about the dress. Hadid’s dress has been going viral for days and I don’t think it will stop anytime soon. This is not only a new way of clothing, but a fashion statement for Hadid for even attempting this look in front of hundreds of eyes watching as the scene unfolded.