What to Watch on Netflix


Ashley K. Santana, Staff Writer

If you’ve found yourself wondering and spending hours looking for a good movie or a good TV show on Netflix then you are reading the right article.

Today the Clarion is here to recommend some good movies and tv shows to watch. Who knows? Maybe you could find your favorite/comfort movie or tv show to watch. There are a lot of underrated tv shows and movies that people don’t know about. Maybe give these a try:

The first TV show that the Clarion recommends is The A- list. The A-List is a British teen drama series about a group of teens at a Scottish island summer camp that becomes the site of some strange supernatural activity. The A-List is one of those TV shows that don’t catch your attention right away, but if you give it a try (and some time)  it doesn’t disappoint.

The second TV show is Fate:The Winx Saga. In Fate: The Winx Saga Abigail Cowen stars as Bloom, a teenager from California who discovers she’s actually a fairy. In this show’s universe, fairies are the ruling class of a magical place called Otherworld and attend a school called Alfea. This TV show actually surprised me, I thought is was going to be really bad, but it wasn’t and it is worth the watch.

The movie that the Clarion recommends this month is The Adam Project. The Adam Project is a 2022 time-travel action film directed by Shawn Levy. The story is centred on a man who travels back in time and accidentally lands in the wrong year and runs into his younger self; the two team up to save the future. The time travel logic in the film is all over the place, but the witty humour keeps the film interesting.

Even though the movie has the “Back to the Future” aesthetic, it touches on an overall theme of family, loss and healing. It adds another layer to the story of how the older Adam became the way he is and how he reflects on the moments in his younger life as he relives them.

These TV shows (and movie) are kind of underrated, but also very good.

So if you don’t know what to watch and thinking that there isn’t anything good on Netflix, well know you have a few “different” things to choose from.