Don’t Know What You Want for Christmas?


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Woman wrapping Christmas gifts

Brynn Ashleigh, Staff Writer

Do you ever feel stuck when coming up with things that you want for Christmas? The Clarion has found a bevy of products, all on Amazon, to help you out when you have that “Christmas Gift Brainfreeze Moment.” Everything on this list is rated higher than 4 stars!

Do you want to sleep better?

  1. Weighted blanket with 15 different sizes and weights so you can choose the right one for you, 33 colors –

Room decor / aesthetics:

  1. Amazon’s choice, String fairy lights, for curtains or walls, waterproof, five colors –  $18.99 –

For my fellow dancers

  1. Turning board to help with turns, dancers, figure skaters, cheerleaders, gymnasts (I have it myself) – 16.95 –

Amazon’s Choice / Best Seller:

  1. Pillowcase made of mulberry silk, very healthy for skin and hair, 12 colors – $11.04 –


  1. Lipstick organizer, 16 slots – $6.99 –