Kurt Cobain: Alive and Well In Hawthorne NJ


Brynn Ashleigh, Staff Writer

The famous 1980s / 1990s musical artist, Kurt Cobain, was spotted in Goffle Brook park, right here in Hawthorne, New Jersey.

A group of four teens spotted him walking a small dog into the wooded part of hawthorne, near the Boys and Girls Club. The woods are known as the 8 Acre Woods.

They claim that before they realized it was him, they saw that he was dressed in a dark colored hoodie and unrecognizable from their angle. According to the four girls, they got suspicious of the strange man in the woods and decided to get a closer look to see who he was. The man was said to have been middle-aged.

Then one 10th grader, Emma Anderson – a nirvana fan – noticed a little K tattoo when he rolled up his sleeve.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes” said Anderson, “the second I saw that tattoo, something clicked.”

The group of teens were in shock when they saw Kurt Cobain was alive and right in front of them.

As soon as they realized who was walking around in their own town, best friend of Emma Anderson, Julia Crewz, ran up to Cobain to ask him questions. These four students of Hawthorne High School eventually gathered the information and found out that he was in hiding all of these years.

Neither Anderson, Crewz, or the other two teens would say how or why Kurt Cobain was in hiding. Not one of the girls would say why his disappearance had to stay a secret. But we are now grateful that someone who was presumed dead by the whole world, is actually alive and well.