Book Review: We Were Liars


Ciara Dirr, Staff Writer

This will be a book review on E. Lockhart’s novel, We Were Liars. It was published May 13, 2014. the main characters of the book are Cadence Easton, Penelope (Penny) Sinclair Easton, Gat Patil, Harris Sinclair, Mirren Sheffield, Johnny Dennis, Tipper Taft Sinclair, Carrie Sinclair Dennis.

The novel is a shocking and twisted tale about the Sinclair family that looks perfect, but they hide secrets, lies and flaws behind their tall and handsome builds. The story takes place on a private island off the coast of Massachusetts, where the Sinclair family spends their summers. It was a very good book and it had quite a few twists and turns.

The storyline follows a summer at the private island and all of the things that happened during that summer. The family did a lot of crazy things during the summer and I was really invested in it and I think that you will too.

If you end up reading the book I hope you like it as much as I did!