iPhone 5: A Worthy Successor?

Johnbek Sagdic

The iPhone 5, the latest generation of Apple’s ground-breaking smartphone, was released on September 21, 2012. At a starting price is $199, this phone has several new features as well as a larger four-inch HD screen. However, it has not come without controversy; a few buyers of the Apple product claim it’s practically like the iPhone 4S with just a few minor adjustments.

So, how does the phone feel in your hand? Well, owners of the phone will vouch that it feels incredibly light. It is, in fact, 20% lighter than its predecessor; at 112 grams it’s actually lighter than most phones. There’s a change in the height of the phone as well . It now stands at 4.87 inches tall, but to  many, the change will go unnoticed, and only owners of the previous iPhone will realize the change. There are a few noticeable changes even to the iPhone novice such as 4G and a new processor that delivers faster processing and graphic performance.

The iPhone 5 was the target of criticism when Apple decided to make the charging dock on its latest product 80% smaller than the previous iPhone. Apple, however, offers a $29 adapter so the iPhone 5 will work with older products.

Apple’s innovation has always attracted a large audience. Its net worth is well over $500 billion which is more than some countries have, and this new $29 adapter shows how sharp Apple is when it comes down to business. The iPhone 5 itself shows that Apple may charge whatever it likes, and people will always buy it.