Artist Review: Machine Gun Kelly

Sihana Meta, Staff Writer

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Many people heard of Machine Gun Kelly (aka MGK–whose real name is Richard Colson Baker), when his hit song “Wild Boy” was released. Although “Wild Boy”was a hit with fans, many people don’t actually know what the rest of his music is about. MGK had a tough life growing up and is one of the few rappers who raps about his life and hardships, rather than just drugs and alcohol. His music is inspirational to all his listeners, and this is why the new release of his album Black Flag, in May of 2013, is causing so much excitement with fans.

MGK was born in Houston, Texas, on April 22, 1990; however, he did not grow in up Texas. He traveled all around the world because his parents were missionaries. He spent most of his childhood living in Egypt and Germany and spoke Arabic before even learning English. When he was about eight years old, he and his family settled in Cleveland, Ohio. However, MGK no longer talks to his parents. His mother left him when he was nine since she was cheating on his father, and his father lives in Africa as a missionary devoting his life to his religion and doesn’t approve of MGK’s lifestyle. In addition to this hardship, MGK was also homeless, had a baby at eighteen, and was almost killed by his own cousin. 

MGK was signed to Bad Boy Records; however he still doesn’t feel like he’s made it to the top. P Diddy, MGK’s manager, says he wants him to go through everything bad before he gets anything good; therefore, he doesn’t make much money. A report posted on quotes MGK as saying: “My deal is for like $1.5 million,” MGK said. “I haven’t seen 1/16 of that. I don’t even understand what my deal means.” He claims that he has no money to spend on anything and doesn’t even use a recording studio because he records his songs in a basement.

MGK doesn’t have a large fan base, but rather a loyal one, which he says he’d take over a large one any day. His fans are loyal because he inspires and appreciates them. Machine Gun Kelly has influenced me through his music as well as every single one of his fans. He raps about all of the obstacles he’s gone through and how you can’t give up on what you want in life.  Many people start tearing up while listening to his music because he has very powerful and meaningful lyrics.

For everyone who hasn’t given his music a try, I suggest listening to it and finding out what a great artist he really is.

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