Futuristic Technologies Coming Soon

Jason Bryant, Contributor

 The advances of this decade have focused on advancing technology. Even though we have come a long way with touch-screen phones and massive amounts of storage, we are still developing and advancing some technologies that are very interesting and fun.

            Aerofex Aero-X– Is it a car? Is it a plane? Honestly, what is it? This revolutionary car may be coming into the market soon. The Aerofex Aero-X is a flying vehicle that has a water-cooled 240 hp engine and can hit speeds up to 45 mph (which is good for a hover vehicle.) It can hover at an altitude of 12 feet and can carry up to 310 pounds. The deposit for this car is $5,000 and is refundable but the final unit isn’t scheduled to come out until 2017, priced at $85,000.

Masdar City– Some sci-fi shows show futuristic cities that are extremely tall and highly technological; Masdar City might be the first step. Located in the United Arab Emirates, outside Abu Dhabi, this city is zero-carbon-emitting city that is highly ecological. Houses in the city have solar photovoltaics and get power from a hydrogen plant, wind farms, a geothermal plant, and one of the largest solar power plant in the Middle East. The first stage will be done this year, 2015, but the final stage will be complete in 2025. The first stage will hold around 7,000 residents and 15,000 commuters and the final stage will have over 50,000 residents and about 1,500 businesses.

Virtual Reality– Virtual reality will be making a comeback since the 1980s. Now that processing power has been getting faster rapidly, there may be enough power to make three-dimensional objects in a virtual reality way using treadmill-like areas. This may lead to historical significance in the gaming world.

DDR4– Even though Samsung released the DDR4 chip in 2013, some other companies could not grasp it until 2014. This year it will be released for home computers. This chip is able to produce 32 gb of storage, two times more than the DDR3 which was released in 2007.

The “Iron Man” Suit– Advancements in technology aren’t just for entertainment purposes; they arealso for the military to use in combat. The new Iron Man suit allows soldiers to pull heavier items and carry more items with its extreme strength and scientific construction.

These are just a few of the many advanced technologies that will soon improve life for all of us and in many fields of work.