Top 5 Halloween Movies


Sierra Van Houten, Staff Writer

October is here and you know what that means. Halloween is coming! Kids are going door to door trick-or-treating. There are a lot of cool and scary costumes. However, you are staying inside eating your own candy and getting scared by tons of Halloween movies. Well here are the top 5 that are sure to make your Halloween extra spooky.

  1. The Halloween Town Series – (PG) A Disney Channel classic Halloween series. These movies focus on one family of witches who try to live a normal life. The mother of the family wants her children to give up their powers but the grandma keeps influencing the kids not to. She tries to persuade them by showing them all the fun ways to use magic. Follow along with all of the crazy events that happen in all of these movies.It’s very family friendly but can give you quite a scare with the ghosts and goblins that lurk throughout the film.
  2. The Nightmare before Christmas – (PG) A Halloween classic during this time of year. It is yet again a Disney movie that is family friendly. A skeleton Jack lives in the land where it is always Halloween until he wanders off into the land of Christmas. He learns life lessons along the way and influences the way Halloween happens.  This is a movie adults and kids will love to watch and gets you in the mood for Halloween.
  3.  Beetlejuice – (PG) This is a comedic horror movie. A young couple dies in a car wreck but their spirits have not left the house they lived in. The couples children buy the home for memory sake but little do they know the parents and a spirit named Beetlejuice come and haunt them out of the house. It’s a comedic twist on a ghost story that will sure get you ready for Halloween.
  4.  The Possession- (PG-13) A young girl travels to a garage sale and finds an antique box, instantly falling in love with it. She purchases the box unknown to the fact it is harboring a living spirit.  What happens next, you’ll have to watch to find out. If your brave enough of course.
  5. Insidious series- (PG-13) This thrilling film series will give you nightmares for the rest of your life.  It’s an intense horror film that you should not take lightly in watching. There are jump scares throughout all three movies. It will make you jump at the sound of a door creaking. It’s the scariest out of these five and will make you questioning if you’re really alone in the dark.

So all in all this Halloween it is time to stay in. Go grab some friends and some Halloween candy, and curl up on the couch. These Halloween movies will not disappoint.