Rapper Lecrae Announces New Joint Album with Zaytoven


Andrew Gomez, Staff Writer

Lecrae is a Grammy-winning and nominated rap artist who has now teamed up with Zaytoven, another Grammy-winning music producer, and pianist, to release an album. It is called “Let the Trap Say Amen”. Yes, I know what you’re thinking about that title. You might think it’s going to be a bad album because it is one of the corniest titles you have ever heard. Well, first of all, you should click here to read this short article by Lecrae in which he will give some perspective and context to this title. It’s better for you to read in his own eloquent words than for me to summarize it and lose the effect.

Besides, it is an undeniable fact that Lecrae can rap better than at least 80% of your favorite rappers list (and that’s being generous). You should give him a chance and listen to his new single with Zaytoven that will prepare you for this new album.

The pre-orders are available now on reachrecords.com and the album, “Let the Trap Say Amen” will be released on June 22nd everywhere music is sold or streamed online.