Best Places to Eat in Hawthorne


Dani Bonafede, Staff Writer

Now that the school year has once again commenced, the majority of us are restricted to the small town of Hawthorne when it comes to eating. Although we can no longer travel freely to foreign countries, distant states, or even the famed Jersey shoreline, there are definitely restaurants here in Hawthorne that will make you want to stay and put your wanderlust on hold.

1. Bogie’s Hoagies 

It’s definitely unsurprising to find Bogie’s on our list. From their quality meats and cheeses to their absolutely delicious chicken cutlets, any wraps or sandwiches they provide are a must. Located on 421 Lafayette Ave, Bogie’s is very easily accessible. Since I’m sure most of you pass it almost every day, we implore you to give it a try. Crispy Chicken Bacon Ranch and a brownie is the way to go, if you ask us.

2. Zheng Garden

Legitimately down the street from the high school, Zheng Garden, on 550 Lafayette Ave, is one of the best Chinese food restaurants around. From dumplings to General Tso to Lo mein, Zheng Garden is not only conveniently located, but has killer food- you might even get to see HHS alumni David Zheng! We’d recommend plain Lo mein or dumplings, but those are just personal favorites.

3. Hot Diggity

Probably one of the most underrated joints in Hawthorne, Hot Diggity is a personal favorite. On 204 Diamond Bridge Ave, this fifties styled restaurant has the atmosphere and food you’ll be going back for more often than not. Hot Diggity has not one weak link in their delicious chain of menu items. At this 50’s diner-esque establishment, you’ll find perfectly cooked burgers, juicy hot dogs, and crispy chicken, all served a multitude of different ways. Let’s not forget about their milkshakes, though; a trip to Hot Diggity is never complete without a creamy and delicious milkshake. We recommend everything! (However, if you must know, the burgers are definitely worth a try, or ten.)

4. Gourmet Express Market

Ask any student at Hawthorne High School what the first thing they think of when they hear “Gourmet Express,” and you’re guaranteed to get an overly enthusiastic “EMPANADAS”! Although Lincoln Grill is also renowned for their empanadas, they’re located on the border of Hawthorne and Fairlawn, so we decided to keep it local and let Gourmet Express Market be our empanada representative. 1020 Goffle Road is the home of this beloved eatery, and we’d recommend getting your favorite type of empanada; some Hawthorne favorites are the simple beef or pork.

5. Bagel Express

210 Diamond Bridge Ave is the home of this amazing breakfast and lunch establishment. Open bright and early for all of you early-morning commuters, there’s no better place to grab that everything with cream cheese. From their bagels to egg sandwiches to subs, Bagel Express is definitely a force to be reckoned with. We’d recommend, in addition to everything, taylor ham and cheese on an everything bagel.

6. Tastee’s Pizza

Oh boy. With all of the pizza parlors and restaurants in Hawthorne, it was definitely not the easiest decision to pick the best pizza place. Although highly controversial for you pizza lovers, we’ve decided on Tastee’s Pizza as our champ. Right on 717 Lafayette Ave, Tastee’s has seriously delicious pizza, subs, and meals. Please don’t deprive yourself by not checking out everything on their menu, but just a plain or buffalo chicken pizza really hits the spot.


Quite plainly, Hawthorne has some amazing eateries. From pizza to Chinese to empanadas, the possibilities are almost literally endless. Be sure to give these great restaurants a try, and stay tuned for another article highlighting Hawthorne’s best restaurants, but next time- desserts!