Fall Fashion Trends


Themepark Mom

A Variety of Scarves

Leah Rosado, Staff Writer

This fall a variety of new trends have appeared.  Other than dark lipsticks which are a staple to any outfit during the colder months, we have seen bigger and bolder trends.

Moccasins for example are a new switch up to those Ugg boots everyone loves to wear. They’re simple but very soft and technically kind of like slippers.

Everyone loves to just dress down in hoodies and sweat shirts, but now we’ve seen a huge demand for flannels. Flannels became such a trend in 2014-2015 after many celebrities took a spin on something so laid back and “chill.” Plaid, is such a simple pattern, but such a bold statement to any outfit.

Now let’s talk about scarves; scarves are back, but not those heavy wool scarves that everyone dreads to wear; I’m talking about light fabric with bold colors. They create such a warm look when paired with riding boots and Cardigans. Walking through stores the other day I’ve noticed bolder and detailed cardigans that are way over sized, but it’s at such a high demand.

Boyfriend jeans and especially leggings are back in season. Ripped up boyfriend jeans and ankle boots with an oversized cardigan screams fall. Leggings are pretty much what girls tend to grab in the morning because it matches with everything and it’s totally comfortable.

So many new clothing trends, so little credit line. Yes, there are plenty of other fashion trends this fall, but try something new for a change.