eBay : How to Make Money

Michael Padilla, Staff Writer/Editor-in-Chief

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“Well-worn very smelly American Eagle Flats size 9, current bid at $15.” Would you  pay for something like that? Apparently, some people would. You can buy and sell anything from used smelly clothing to brand new electronics using the online site called eBay. If you want to make some money without working hard, all you need are some old things you do not need anymore and an eBay account.

EBay has two styles of buying and selling starting with the basic buy-now style or auction-style where you can bid on an item or have people bid on your item. When using eBay keep in mind that you are not selling just to your state or even your country, but selling to anyone who has access to an Internet source. So, if one thing might not be of interest to one person, there will definitely be someone out there who is interested no matter the product.

Here’s how to get started. First make an eBay account and also a PayPal account, which is an online banking site owned by eBay. Now, gather up everything you do not need or want anymore and also ask the people around you who do not need any of their items either, so that you have more to sell. Now that you have the items to sell, you can list them on the eBay site.

Listing items on eBay is pretty simple; all you have to do is go to the selling tab at the top of the site and click “Sell an Item.” Now you have your item posted on eBay and are on your way to making money.

Although posting is a big part of the process in making money, so is sales and marketing. Be sure to take good pictures of all your items and describe them as well as you can. This is just like making commercials to draw a person in to buy your product. Now that your item is listed and is attracting customers, you will be able to see how many people viewed your item or even if they are watching the item and also who has made a bid on your item already if auction-style is chosen. Take my experience, for example: I have a mini-store on eBay for Xbox 360 parts and consoles and sell them for good prices, all because I have parts lying around and I advertise well. I have made over $300 in one week.

The last part of selling an item on eBay is shipping the product. EBay makes it as easy as can be. All you do is select the type of shipping you want, choose whether or not you specified shipping and handling cost. EBay will supply the stamps online with the shipping money poster or with the amount of profit you made for sales. The stamps offered on eBay are cheaper than buying the stamps yourself and also you have the option of having a carrier come to your home to pick up your package anytime of the day. When everything is shipped and payments are processed, your funds from the sale will appear in your PayPal account. With that money you can either ask for a check or use the money wherever PayPal is accepted.

Not only can you make money by selling old things on eBay, you’re also helping the world by reusing and recycling!

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