2013 Spring Fashion and Beauty Trends


Ammy Pena, Staff Writer

It’s almost that time of year to put away itchy Christmas sweaters and get in style with the new trends that are coming out for the spring 2013 season.

According to Glamour.com, there are going to be 10 new fashion trends this spring season. The first trend, the slouchy, cool-girl, family-friendly Bermuda shorts that fall right above the knee, is going to big this season.

Also, aside from typically bright Easter colors, black and white are appropriate colors to wear all year round and anywhere you may go, making this spring no exception for the classic color duo.

The third trend is one that never seems to get old: stripes. Instead of wearing floral tops and skirts, a more subtle bold stripe is the way to go, according to Glamour.com.

An additional trend coming out for the new season is luxe leather, which is high-end, sweat proof leather that comes in many colors.  Halfway through the list, the fifth trend for 2013-spring season is gorgeous beading detail on clothes that come from a Middle Eastern, Indian, and Russian influence.

Don’t be fooled by the name of the next trend this coming spring. Sporty dresses, or simple, cute, A-line dresses, can be dressed up or down with wedges, pumps, or even canvas sneakers.

The seventh trend is an accessory called statement glasses. These sunglasses come in any shape, size, and color and are sure to help your outfit stand out and make a statement.

The next trend, known as peek-a-boo pieces, will also get attention, according to Glamour.com. These pieces, which include cutoffs, high splits, and sheer fabrics, are sometimes considered pieces for the daring. However, wearers of this trend may choose the type of piece based on their modesty and body shape.

The ninth trend for the spring time is short suits. Glamour.com reports that many models were rocking the runway with this outfit and that it is work friendly.

A final trend that was found on Glamour.com is flats with a cylindrical heel. These flats are bringing back the 90s look with a pointy heel and ankle straps.

Clothes aren’t the only thing trending this season. According to the HuffinghtonPost.com and Fashionect.com, this spring there are new makeup trends too. The new makeup trend, as reported by Huffington Post, is a more natural and subtle look. To achieve this look, apply tinted moisturizer on the face, some mascara, a swipe of blush, and a dab of lip-gloss. Another way to achieve the natural makeup look is to apply subtle, brown, smoky colors on the eyes instead of black and silver colors. Beiges and browns are a makeup must for the new spring season. Two more makeup trends that are coming out, according to Fashionect.com, are bold eyebrows and bright lips. Fasionect.com states that these two trends play perfectly with the fresh-faced makeup look.