The Perfect Prom Look: Part 1


Ammy Pena, Staff Writer

Prom is an event that many girls looks forward to. It gives girls a chance to be be a princess, be spontaneous and feel beyond beautiful for one magical night. With prom night around the corner, chaos on what to wear and how to accessorize is increasing. Here is a guide that will make life for all female prom goers easier with advice on what to wear to prom and how to accessorize it.

Since it is probably the most important piece of the whole night, let’s start off with the prom dress. When picking a prom dress, girls need to keep in mind that they must pick a dress that flatters their shape. According to Kori Ellis of, girls with a pear-shaped body should avoid dresses that are an inch or two above the knee. Choose a dress with an A-line skirt, but something not too full or it will look like a tu-tu. For those girls who have an apple-shaped body, you need to lengthen the appearance of your upper body and draw the attention away from your waist. Stay away from thick belts that cinch around your midsection, and as an alternative, wear a chain or ribbon belt hanging low on your hips. For girls who are plus sized, avoid dresses that are baggy and try something that drapes over your body gracefully. Finally, for the girls who are thin and lack curves, add layers to your dress, like cardigans or fitted jacket, or add a thick belt to add definition to your waist.

Moving up the body, girls who don’t have a big bust should avoid deep plunging necklines. As an alternative, pick dresses with a scoop or bandeau neck and sequins or other embellishments. For the girls who do have a big bust, dresses with halter tops and deep V’s may be too eye-catching. If you want to draw some attention away from your bust, choose a dress with an A-line skirt that falls one or two inches above your knees. This will draw any unwanted attention to your dress and not your chest.

Moving on to accessories, try to find something that matches well with the dress. However, this can be hard if a dress has a lot of embellishments and has many ruffle and sparkles. So, try to go with a simple jewelry if your dress is a statement piece in itself.

As for shoes, reports that if your dress is simple go with shoes that are eye catching. However, remember comfort is important throughout the night, so chose something that is comfortable and dazzling as well. If you’re wearing a long gown the shoes possibly won’t show, you should definitely focus on your comfort over fashion. Finally, if your dress shows some of your legs, consider choosing shoes or sandals that has a heel or straps, this will make your overlook seem more complete and graceful.

To polish off you look, if you’re going to carry a clutch or purse, make sure it matches well with your dress. Also, make sure to pack light but bring the essentials: your cell phone, some money, your lip products, your eyelash curler, and a camera.

Stay tuned for “The Perfect Prom Look: Part 2” for advice on how to do your hair, makeup, and nails for prom night.